Thursday, December 2, 2010

Heirloom Sewing

After an action-packed summer, I'm finally "caught up" with the numerous household chores that were neglected for many months. I use quotes around "caught up" because, really, are we ever truly done?

As winter rolled in with record-breaking snow, I was able to still the wheels of too much thinking and allow my love of sewing to re-surface. I have decided to try my hand at heirloom sewing. Fabric, trims and presser feet have been ordered and I've cleared the sewing decks of unfinished projects. I'm ready to begin!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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Welcome to Coeur d'Couture!

Welcome to the official blog of Coeur d’Couture!

From my sewing room, I plan to launch a home-based business creating beautiful, delicate baby christening gowns. As a seamstress of many years, I now want to turn my love of fabric, needle and thread into a viable, part-time business. I’ll use this blog as a way to share my experiences in starting a business.

My love of sewing began at an early age. As a child I would sit with my mother as she made our school dresses, helping by pulling out the pins as she stitched the hems. I started sewing my play clothes when I was nine, moving on to school clothes by sixth grade. Eventually, I was sewing most of my wardrobe, from cotton jeans to satin evening wear.

While making a wedding gown, I felt great satisfaction in sewing tiny, delicate beads onto French Alencon lace appliqu├ęs. I’d like to apply these same techniques in creating christening gowns as precious as the babies they adorn.

I chose the name of my company, Coeur d’Couture, based on words from the French. Coeur means heart, couture means sewing – Sewing from the Heart.

I can’t wait to get started! Join my journey this Fall as I share the ups and downs of starting a business while working a full time job. I have a healthy supply of pearls, French Alencon lace from Britex Fabrics and I am ready to go!

In my sidebar, you’ll find a way to subscribe to my blog so you can receive regular postings directly to your email. I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to click the comment button below to share your experiences or to let me know what you think.

Beginning in October, I plan to post a new blog entry each week, so stay tuned!